The Perfect Landscape Palette – Marker Edition

Today I want to share my final palette of alcohol markers for landscapes! I honestly feel like this is the perfect palette. You don’t need this many colors, but you could also have much more. If you want a really well-rounded palette, this is a great place to start. — Jump to my marker supply […]

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Updated Shinhan Touch Twin Marker Color Chart (Feb 2022)

As I continue along my journey to learn how to use alcohol markers, I have decided to document the progress. Last time I mentioned markers, I shared my new set of Shinhan Touch Twin Markers and a color chart that was missing a lot of colors I didn’t know I needed. So it’s time for […]

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Sketching Nature: Foundations Course | New Skillshare Class

This class is the perfect starter course for anyone who wants to learn how to sketch nature! With lessons in drawing, painting, color theory, perspective, composition, and more, you’ll leave this class with a stronger foundation in all aspects of sketching nature.

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Running an Art business – Your Questions Answered

art business questions thumbnail

I’ve been running my art business for almost 6 years, so I know that being a full time artist is challenging. Today lets talk about pricing, taxes, project planning, scheduling, motivation, and more!

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Shinhan Touch Twin Markers for Landscapes

I love markers for landscape drawing. They are so portable. No water, no palettes, no extra STUFF. Just grab a few and head outside to sketch the beauty, and you’re good to go. This is my limited palette for landscapes.

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Landscape Painting Tutorials // #sarahburnstutor

Landscape painting #sarahburnstutor

Just a little update about what’s been happening in the studio lately! As a lot of you know, I make tons of content to help beginners learn how to paint landscapes with watercolor and gouache. I’ve been really busy working on my usual monthly content. Each month I release 3-4 youtube videos, hoping to teach […]

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The Best Limited Gouache Palette for Landscapes

Limited gouache palette

You only need a few tubes of paint to get started with gouache. In this video I’ll share an in-depth look at my limited gouache palette. This “lesson” is all about what 5 colors I use and why. Of course, this is my opinion about the BEST limited gouache palette for landscapes, so take it […]

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The Authentic plein air experience – “Why is this so hard??”

Painting outside

What I’ve come to realize is that plein air is not about painting the perfect painting. It’s not even about painting. Wait what? Yea – Hear me out. What is Plein Air Painting? Just a fancy way of saying “painting outdoors.” The term is borrowed from the 19th century movement of French artists who started […]

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