Sketching Scotland – A Coastal Journey

Sarah is hiking/cycling/kayaking around the coast of Scotland with her sketchbook & camera.

sketching scotland

What is Sketching Scotland?

There are over 6,000 miles of coastline in Scotland, and over 11,000 if you factor in the islands. Over the next several years, I will be hiking, cycling, and even kayaking along the coast of Scotland with my sketchbook and cameras. I am sharing the journey in video format on YouTube and the artwork will be compiled into books along the way.

This project will take me around the entire coast of Scotland (including islands) over the next several years, but not just for the sake of hiking and sightseeing. My goal is to learn the history and gain a deeper understanding of each area I walk through. I’ll sketch and write about whatever catches my eye or helps me remember the unique details of a place. This will act as a kind of travel journal as well.

Each hike is broken up into small achievable sections – anywhere from 3-15 miles at a time – to allow time for sketching/writing/photography.

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Current Progress

As a nature enthusiast and artist, this project combines Sarah’s two greatest passions.

Watch the video series on YouTube for free:


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