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But I also offer other in-depth classes elsewhere.

Below is a master list of all my individual classes.

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Recommended Starter Course:

Sketching Nature Foundations Course

The best one to start with! (also available on Skillshare)

In this class you will learn:

  • Common materials used for sketching nature inside and outside
  • Easy sketching techniques
  • Simplifying shapes in the landscape
  • Basics of watercolor
  • Basics of sketching rocks, trees, and other natural elements
  • Introduction to Color Theory, Composition, and Perspective
  • Multiple real time demos
  • And so much more!


How to draw and paint rocks
how to draw and paint skies and clouds
how to draw and paint trees
how to draw and paint water

After the Sketching Nature class, these are the next best classes, as they go in-depth into important areas of landscape painting.

Draw & Paint Landscapes Series (also available on Skillshare)

how to paint watercolor mountain
how to paint watercolor beaches
how to paint watercolor hobbit home
how to paint expressive landscapes

Other Beginner Watercolor Landscapes (also available on Skillshare)


Beginner Gouache Landscapes (also available on Skillshare)


Expressive Marker Landscapes

(also available on Skillshare)

In this class you will learn how to start drawing expressive landscapes with markers.

Since this is an intermediate class, it’s helpful if you already have an understanding of drawing and how to render light on objects as well as know how to draw simplified rocks and trees.

You do not need prior experience with markers, as my basic techniques will be explained.

What is this class about?

I’ll share my knowledge about marker supplies including papers and sketchbooks, different types of markers and pens, and insights into why I chose my supplies which can help you make informed decisions.

We’ll start with some basic shapes and grayscale markers, gradually building up the complexity. I’ll share lots of tips for layering and using the markers in a creative way. My broken color technique is ideal for expressive landscapes. 

We’ll move onto color using a limited palette until finally we put it all together in the final demo.

Intro to Water Mixable Oils
Intro to Water Mixable Oils

Intro to Water-Mixable Oils

(also available on Skillshare)

Water Mixable Oil Painting is a perfect way to transition from a water-based painting background (like watercolor and gouache) to the wonderful world of oil painting! In this class you will learn what water mixable oils are, general oil painting “rules,” best practices for using them, how to clean up, and more!

Through easy beginner exercises, you will begin to understand how the paints move and flow, and begin your oil painting journey with confidence.

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