How to DEEP CLEAN your Gouache Travel Palette

How to clean gouache travel palette

Do you use a gouache travel palette? If so you know how messy they get! I usually deep clean my palette every few months. In this post I’ll show you step by step how to clean, mix, renew your gouache from dry and filthy to new! I will also tell you everything I know about […]

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30 Day Outdoor Painting Challenge

During April I took part in a 30-day outdoor painting challenge known as #PleinAirpril – if you want to see lots of lovely artwork, use that hashtag to search on instagram or pinterest. So much good stuff out there!Anyways, for my challenge I used gouache in a toned paper sketchbook. See below for my travel […]

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Shinhan Touch Twin Markers for Landscapes

I love markers for landscape drawing. They are so portable. No water, no palettes, no extra STUFF. Just grab a few and head outside to sketch the beauty, and you’re good to go. This is my limited palette for landscapes.

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