GOAUCHE: How to Use a Limited Color Palette (Primaries) to Mix Any Color

Want to simplify your life? Buy less colors. Here’s how I use a very limited palette to mix every color I need. Why use a limited palette when you can buy every color under the sun premixed for you? Besides saving money, when you mix your own colors you do two main things. Years ago […]

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Can you Paint with Traditional Gouache on top of Acrylic Gouache?

Over the past few years I’ve been posting a lot of videos about my gouache process. It’s such a fascinating and alluring medium to paint with! But gouache is fairly new to the masses, previously only known to illustrators and animation background painters. Now it seems that every year a new brand of gouache appears, […]

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Painting Snowy Scenes with Gouache

snowy gouache painting tutorials and videos

I thought it might be helpful to collect all of the videos/tutorials I’ve made about painting snowy scenes with gouache. These were published during 2021-2022. Enjoy! Free snowy gouache tutorials on YouTube Buy my Snowy Gouache tutorials (real time with instruction)

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Sketching Nature: Foundations Course | New Skillshare Class

This class is the perfect starter course for anyone who wants to learn how to sketch nature! With lessons in drawing, painting, color theory, perspective, composition, and more, you’ll leave this class with a stronger foundation in all aspects of sketching nature.

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Landscape Painting Tutorials // #sarahburnstutor

Landscape painting #sarahburnstutor

Just a little update about what’s been happening in the studio lately! As a lot of you know, I make tons of content to help beginners learn how to paint landscapes with watercolor and gouache. I’ve been really busy working on my usual monthly content. Each month I release 3-4 youtube videos, hoping to teach […]

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The Best Limited Gouache Palette for Landscapes

Limited gouache palette

You only need a few tubes of paint to get started with gouache. In this video I’ll share an in-depth look at my limited gouache palette. This “lesson” is all about what 5 colors I use and why. Of course, this is my opinion about the BEST limited gouache palette for landscapes, so take it […]

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The Authentic plein air experience – “Why is this so hard??”

Painting outside

What I’ve come to realize is that plein air is not about painting the perfect painting. It’s not even about painting. Wait what? Yea – Hear me out. What is Plein Air Painting? Just a fancy way of saying “painting outdoors.” The term is borrowed from the 19th century movement of French artists who started […]

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How to Keep Gouache From Drying Out

Keep gouache moist

If you’re new to gouache you might be experiencing one of the most common hurdles: how to keep gouache from drying out. In this video I’ll share my three favorite ways to keep gouache wet while painting. It can be tricky at first to keep gouache paint from drying out while you are painting, but […]

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Learn how to paint unique rock formations and canyon scenes with fun colors. This painting tutorial will walk you through the process step by step.

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