My Ultralight Travel Sketch Kit (6.24oz / 177grams)

Hiking is one of my greatest passions. Combine that with painting and I’m a happy girl. The biggest lesson I’ve learned after hiking hundreds of miles with heavy packs is that if I don’t make sketching as easy as possible on the trail, I just won’t do it. If my sketch kit is buried in […]

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Sketching Nature: Foundations Course | New Skillshare Class

This class is the perfect starter course for anyone who wants to learn how to sketch nature! With lessons in drawing, painting, color theory, perspective, composition, and more, you’ll leave this class with a stronger foundation in all aspects of sketching nature.

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The Authentic plein air experience – “Why is this so hard??”

Painting outside

What I’ve come to realize is that plein air is not about painting the perfect painting. It’s not even about painting. Wait what? Yea – Hear me out. What is Plein Air Painting? Just a fancy way of saying “painting outdoors.” The term is borrowed from the 19th century movement of French artists who started […]

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