Sand Dunes Watercolor Coastal Art

It’s been a crazy week. We were in Skye for three days, with LOTS of hiking and soaking up the gorgeous moody scenery. I can’t wait to sit down and paint. But the to-do list has been building up and needs to be sorted. For now, I thought I would share a recent watercolor painting of sand dunes just for fun.

This painting has a lot..and I mean a LOT of potters pink. It’s 12×16 inches and I think there’s a little bit mixed into every single color, and a ton in the sand.

I had to order more tubes because I realized how much I love it for coastal art! Since it’s a pretty mild color I end up using a lot of it. I think I can almost justify buying the raw pigment and making it myself on a regular basis.

Sand dunes watercolor coastal art step by step
Some progress shots of the painting.

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