Experience the Forest – Paint the Forest

Forest light painting

As we inch closer to the winter solstice, I find it even more crucial to get outside into the limited daylight hours and experience the forest. Not only is it a wonderful way to connect to nature and get some natural vitamin D, but I take it as an opportunity to infuse my mind with the textures and colors of the forest.

Reference photos are great and all, but I much prefer to paint on location. If I can’t, I will go for a forest walk, then hurry back to the studio to paint the experience.

Sunlight Forest Grasses

The sun sits close to the horizon this time of year, and casts a warm glow over the forest. Often times, it just barley grazes the tops of the trees and grasses. I find this time of year to be a good excuse to slow down and appreciate every moment of sun.

If you would like to experience the forest, and see how I paint it with watercolor, watch today’s video.

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I'm an independent artist living in Scotland. Always chasing the light, and painting the beautiful highlands.

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