An Evening in the Life of a Full Time Artist

As a follow up to my previous post & video, I wanted to share “an evening in the life of a full time artist.” This is the reality of my situation – as I grow my art business. The line between business and personal life is very blurred and at times I will work through the night.

I don’t condone working 24/7 – that is completely unrealistic and unhealthy. But running an art business is a constant hustle (perhaps this goes for any business?) and requires lots of forethought, planning, and “sweat equity.”

In this video, I share an average night, and offer some insights into running an art business. It was also a great excuse to share some sketching because it’s one of my favorite “hobbies” – although I argue that it is a vital part of my progress as an artist.

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I'm an independent artist living in Scotland. Always chasing the light, and painting the beautiful highlands.

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