Running an Art business – Your Questions Answered

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I’ve been running my art business for almost 6 years, so I know that being a full time artist is challenging. Today I’m answering tons of questions about running an art business – everything from scheduling, goal setting, taxes, branding, growing your following, sources of income, and more.

In this video I go into detail answering the following questions/topics:

  • Income Sources & Passive Income
  • Setting art business goals
  • Scheduling art projects
  • Goal Setting for artists
  • Is there space for you in the art world?
  • Printing Artwork Tips
  • Organizing Digital Files
  • Are art commissions necessary?
  • Pricing Artwork
  • How did I end up in Scotland?
  • YouTubers I watch
  • Taxes for Artists
  • Keeping old artwork – good or bad?
  • Being honest about mental health online
  • How long did it take to become a full time artist?

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I'm an independent artist living in Scotland. Always chasing the light, and painting the beautiful highlands.

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