Watercolor Seascapes From Above

Today I want to share some coastal art, just for fun.

Not only are watercolor seascapes peaceful to look at, but they are a joy to paint.

You get the best of watercolor packed into one scene – flowy washes, granulating pigments, and detailed layers.

Watercolor seascape from above
Watercolor seascapes from above

Each month I make postcards for my Patreons and choose a theme based on what recently inspires me.

During September I spent much more time on the coast and the results are obvious.

Scotland seascape
Watercolor seascapes from above
Watercolor coastal art postcards

To paint these I started with a layer of potters pink for the sand, mixed with various pigments such as yellow ochre and venetian red. The water is created in 2-3 layers of various blues (ultramarine, phthalo sapphire, Helio turquoise) and a bit of phthalo green. Some of the waves are white space (the paper showing through), and others are made by adding white gouache or white gel pen.

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I'm an independent artist living in Scotland. Always chasing the light, and painting the beautiful highlands.

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