Ink Wash painting on the Coast

Plein air painting can be overwhelming and intimidating, but all we can do is just approach it calmly and take it little by little. I recently spent a day on the coast, sketching and doing ink wash painting. Scotland has some amazing coastlines for endless inspiration!

I often find that it’s less about the finished product and more about the experience. If you’d like to hear what I’m thinking about while painting, check out the video above!

Images from Portknockie, Scotland. Copyright Sarah Burns 2020.

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I'm an independent artist living in Scotland. Always chasing the light, and painting the beautiful highlands.

One thought on “Ink Wash painting on the Coast

  1. Sarah, I want you to know that listening to your ‘self talk’ about your oops, doubts and guesses is so refreshing to me! I am totally self-taught and I often think whatever I am working on is a train wreck in slow motion! Hearing you sound so much like my own ‘self talk’ during my sketches/paintings makes me understand that I am not alone nor unusual. Due diligence has its reward, so we press on! Thank you for your honesty.

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