100 days of Gouache Landscapes

Today begins a new chapter, and it’s all about progress!

For a while now I felt stuck in a routine, creatively. So it’s time to shake things up a bit. I will be partaking in the #100daychallenge starting today.

Gouache snowscape painting

What is the #100daychallenge ?

The #100daychallenge (also referred to as the #100dayproject by some) has only one rule, and that is to create something every day for 100 days.

Many people, myself included, choose one medium (like watercolor or gouache) for the entire project, but it’s up to you. You can go even deeper by giving yourself a specific theme as well.

For an added bonus, I’ll be sharing process videos of many of the gouache paintings on my patreon, so sign up if you want to watch those, and maybe once in a while I’ll do a timelapse here.

I will be using this challenge as a way to strengthen my daily painting habit. Specifically using gouache, I’ll explore a wide variety of subjects, and share the results on Instagram and here!

Want to join in the fun? There aren’t really any rules, except to make something every day for 100 days (if your schedule gets hectic and you know you have to skip a day, try to do two before or after to make up for it and hold yourself accountable).

Use my hashtag #sarahs100daysofart if you want to stay connected!

Gouache painting of a snowy tree

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