My Color Journey – Tips for Using Creative Colors in Landscapes

In this video I share my thoughts and tips about using creative colors in your landscape paintings. My color journey was kind of a rollercoaster over the years. When I first started focusing on painting, I didn’t take the time to properly get to know my colors – I just dove straight into painting landscapes which resulted in some really wild looking paintings (not necessarily by choice). But I wanted to be able to choose when I used wild colors or when to be realistic, which takes a lot of time and observation. That confusing start to color showed me the importance of being sensitive to color and light in the landscape, and it forced me to take a new approach. I started observing more from life and watching how the light changes throughout the day – which changes the colors!

Watch the “2 Color Challenge” tutorial on Patreon.

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I'm an independent artist living in Scotland. Always chasing the light, and painting the beautiful highlands.

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