Is Cheap “Jelly Gouache” Worth it?

Today we are looking at Arrtx’s new “professional” gouache which comes in these sealable metal tins.

First of all, you might be wondering…

What is “Jelly Gouache?” (also known as “pudding gouache”)

It’s the nickname given to small cups of gouache that once opened, cannot be resealed. They live inside a palette, which can itself be sealed, but they look like little cups of jelly all in a pretty little row. Yummy!

Arrtx jelly gouache
Example of jelly gouache

Why I Don’t Like Jelly Gouache (but…)

A long time ago I swore off “jelly gouache.” Why?? Because once you open them, that’s it. They’re open. Exposed to air. And gouache dries rather quickly. The “sealable palettes” they come in are mostly airtight, keyword being mostly. So there’s always that ticking time bomb in the back of your head like “you gotta use them before it’s too late.” So I just had no interest in that. I primarily paint from tubes, or a small airtight travel palette. Sometimes I go months between using certain colors.

But the appealing aspect of “jelly gouache” remained…it’s so affordable (like insanely cheap!) which means it’s great for practicing without breaking the bank. And for someone who paints a lot, buying paint really adds up. In the few short years I’ve been using gouache, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this wonderful medium – and that’s JUST gouache..not to mention all my watercolor, oil, or acrylic. My bank account says Ouch.

So…that’s what got me really curious about these! The new Arrtx design using spill-proof metal tins solve my biggest problem with jelly gouache. I guess you can’t even call it jelly gouache anymore. To me it looks more like the poster pains used by Studio Ghibli.

Arrtx professional gouache in tins

Pros and Cons of Arrtx Jelly Gouache (the ones that come in the tins)


  • Cheap! (Not in a negative way…but if it makes you feel better let’s say affordable). A pack of 9 colors is only £15, and each tin is about 30ml, which means each tin is £1.60. Compare than to my 15ml tube of Schmincke which costs £7.60 each!
  • The tins are sealable and spill-proof.
  • The creamy consistency is easy to work with.
  • They are highly pigmented – You only need a tiny bit for a lot of color power.


  • You can’t buy individual colors (as of February 2022).
  • The tins take up more space on the desk (when opened) than conventional palettes.
  • I’m not sure what the binder is made of, but in certain tests, as it begins to dry I found it to be a tiny bit “gummy.” Perhaps after prolonged use this wouldn’t be noticeable, but compared to my usual gouache, I noticed it.
  • The paint didn’t absorb as quickly or easily into my non-cotton paper like my other gouache does. It sort of stayed on the surface a bit longer which made it more challenging to use. Again, something that practice could remedy.

My Thoughts About Jelly Gouache

The new Arrtx Gouache comes in 9 colors in metal tins. It’s their upgrade from their popular “jelly gouache” cups. This review covers performance based on a couple different paintings on different types of paper. This is an honest review from my perspective as a professional artist who has been using professional gouache for years, my main brands being Holbein, Winsor & Newton and Schmincke.

I’m not sponsored, but Arrtx kindly sent me a box of this gouache to try out. You may have heard of them, they are pretty well known for their “jelly gouache” cups, along with other things like markers. Try it for yourself (affiliate link).

Watch the video to hear my full review. Did they live up to my expectations? Or will I never touch the stuff again?

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