Easy Tips for Painting Brick and Stone with Gouache

Days 33 & 34/100 of my #100daychallenge.

As I paint these door scenes, I am realizing that I have never painted so many different materials! Brick and stone walls are two of the most annoying things to paint in my opinion…but I have some quick tips.

Closeup of a streetscape gouache painting with brick details
Gouache painting of an old stone building with a blue door
  • Start with a base color that will unify all the bricks/stones. Let dry.
  • Paint the shadow lines around the bricks (not a solid line..break it up a bit).
  • Then add one or two layers of dry brush as the highlight color. A flat brush makes this much easier.
  • If necessary, repeat multiple times until the brick/stone looks varied enough.
Closeup of a gouache painting of an old stone building with a blue door

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