The Best Limited Gouache Palette for Landscapes

Limited gouache palette

You only need a few tubes of paint to get started with gouache. In this video I’ll share an in-depth look at my limited gouache palette. This “lesson” is all about what 5 colors I use and why.

Of course, this is my opinion about the BEST limited gouache palette for landscapes, so take it with a grain of salt!

I’ll share how I like to use a limited palette and you would be AMAZED at what you can achieve with only 5 colors. Almost every gouache painting I’ve shared here and on Instagram was made with mixing 5 colors.

To see all my colors, check out my supplies page.

All of the colors I use except cobalt turquoise light are non-toxic.

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I'm an independent artist living in Scotland. Always chasing the light, and painting the beautiful highlands.

3 thoughts on “The Best Limited Gouache Palette for Landscapes

  1. Sorry for my bad spelling-small keypad on the phone, middle age eyes and not being fluent in English is not a great combinationšŸ¤£

  2. A very interesting chooce of colours, the only ā€ traditionalā€ one being Alizarin Crimson. I have been learning to botanical motives w gouache with a rather wide selectionnof colours and have aquired loads of paint tubes over the years and confidently thought it would be no problem for me trying out your palette. Ha, in the end I had to order four of your chisen colours, always nice to shop for art supplies, the only ones I had were Permanent White and Preussian Blue. So now I really look forward to get to know those new colours and go totally crazy having fun colour mixing and trying landscapes as a change! Thank you so much for doing these inspiring videos-they have been a light in the dark covid-tunnel!!
    Oh yes, I almost forgot. Where have you bought that practical palette box for storing gouache in so that the colours do not dry out? I have over the years had to put gouache in ordinary watercolour pans for when I have travelled to paint courses as it has been far too heavy to carry tubes. But the colours crack and flake all over and I have to clean the palette every time. To have an airtight leakproof box like yours would really make it so much easier to travel w gouache!
    Again, thank you very much for your videos and lovely art!!

    1. I don’t believe in using “traditional rules” to govern how I paint. I learn by trying things, and yes sometimes that means I learn the hard way. But learning the hard way is more powerful than reading about it in a book! Therefore my color choices evolve over time as I try different things.
      I use a standard plastic “watercolor palette box” to keep my gouache moist, but honestly I rarely use it lately. I have switched to using 5-7 colors, fresh from the tube, every time I paint. But you can find the link to it in my Favorite Supplies page.

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