Landscape Painting Tutorials // #sarahburnstutor

Landscape painting #sarahburnstutor

Just a little update about what’s been happening in the studio lately! As a lot of you know, I make tons of content to help beginners learn how to paint landscapes with watercolor and gouache.

I’ve been really busy working on my usual monthly content. Each month I release 3-4 youtube videos, hoping to teach and inspire others to paint landscapes.

I also teach a monthly tutorial for my Patreons where they get to request a topic and I go through everything step-by-step. Viewers paint along with me (hence the name, Paintalong!)

During the second or third week of the month, I also publish a “bonus tutorial” on Patreon where I go more in depth on a topic or teach a highly requested subject.

August Paintalong:

So just a reminder, if you’ve watched my content and tried to paint any of it, please make sure to use #sarahburnstutor when you post on social media so I can find you!

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I'm an independent artist living in Scotland. Always chasing the light, and painting the beautiful highlands.

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