Shinhan Touch Twin Markers for Landscapes

EDIT: See my updated swatches here!

One thing I love about markers for landscape drawing is how portable they are. No water, no palettes, no extra STUFF. Just grab a few and head outside to sketch the beauty, and you’re good to go. I use my markers to test different compositions and ideas quickly, and use the sketches as reference for paintings back in the studio.

In this video you can see my swatching process (making color charts is fun!). I bought a limited palette for landscapes. I’ll probably add a few more but for now I am loving these!

Some of the colors I bought are very similar (bummer) but it’s so hard to tell when you are looking at colors online.

But for reference, you can view these color charts to see if you want to buy them for yourself.

It’s a challenge to photograph the colors accurately, and depending on the paper and lighting they seem to shift. So you can get an “average” look at them by comparing these three images.

Shinhan and Blick Studio markers
Shinhan Touch Twin Marker Color Chart
Shinhan Touch Twin Marker Color Chart

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