Updated Shinhan Touch Twin Marker Color Chart (Feb 2022)

As I continue along my journey to learn how to use alcohol markers, I have decided to document the progress. Last time I mentioned markers, I shared my new set of Shinhan Touch Twin Markers and a color chart that was missing a lot of colors I didn’t know I needed. So it’s time for an update! As of 2022 these are my colors:

Shinhan Touch Twin Markers color chart
Current marker count: 50 // Estimated total cost: £150

I also have a few of my old Blick Studio markers floating around, but I’m slowly replacing them with the Shinhan when they become available (my favorite art store has been out of stock for months!).

My learning is slow and tedious – meaning I need to do tons of sketches to make a tiny amount of progress. But progress is noticeable which is encouraging! I got a Crescent Rendr sketchbook (which is bleed-proof) and it has improved my experience. By doing these tiny sketches with color notes I can learn which colors work well together.

Crescent Rendr sketchbook with Shinhan Touch Twin markers

The most fun happens when I’m not being so careful and I let strange things happen on the paper. For instance, sometimes I start with a marker sketch and then use watercolor on top as shown in the trees below. The green plant is 100% markers.

Shinhan Touch Twin marker landscape sketch

Or trying to use directional marks to indicate different surfaces – water and sand is horizontal, everything else is vertical.

Shinhan Touch Twin marker landscape sketch

Or trying really wild color combinations!

Shinhan Touch Twin marker landscape sketch

If you’d like to hear more about how I’m teaching myself to use alcohol markers, head over to my YouTube to watch today’s video:

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